“Working out with WhatDoYouNeedAGymFor Fitness is everything I could have asked for abd more. Coach Sam Keller has a passion for what he does and it shoes in how he treats his clients. He truly wants to help you obtain your goals and will go above and beyond to make sure you do! Sam is a great motivator and is accommodating to my schedule. WhatDoYouNeedAgymFor Fitnes deserves more than 5 stars!”

– Katy L.

“Coach Sam is Awesome! He cares about my progress and has helped me make working out a part of my daily routine!”

– Devin J.

“Coach Keller is a very professional and experienced personal trainer that customizes workouts for each individual client to maximize his or her body and mind fitness goals and mission. Also, he keeps working with the community youth to teach them that a happy body and soul aid in having a healthy mind and spirit.”

– Sam K.

“Excellent work ethic, great job of pushing athletes to their full potentional.”

– Andrew J.

“Sam is a great trainer who is very enthusiastic about his work and always willing to create very specific personalized plans to fit his individual client’s needs.”

– Kourtney B.

“Great listener and definitely surpassed my expectations! Thank you for all of the support. I would recommend his services to anyone!”

– Jason G.

“Sam is very patient and helped and pushed me to reach my goals. I didn’t feel like I was being judged or looked down upon. I would recommend WhatDoYouNeedAGymFor Fitness to anyone looking for a welcoming abd exciting personal trainer experience.”

– Glenn C.

“My experience was great. The gym is always very clean and has a great atmosphere. Sam works us hard and always has something for us do do every workout session. He knows what he is doing with everything an helps out anyone if they are in need and willing to work. I love coming to WhatDoYouNeedAGymFor Fitness!”

– Conner N.

“My junior year of high school, I began working out with Sam Keller.  A year of dedication and hard work made me appreciate baseball more and Sam was always there for me.  He helped me earn my spot as a top pitcher in the North Shore Conference and become a Division 1 baseball player, and I owe much of this to him.  If I could do it all over again, the only thing I would change- I would begin working out with Sam much earlier, as it does nothing but help you grow.  I can say for a fact that I grew as a baseball player, student, and person, and there is nobody else I would rather have spent my high school time with.”

– Liam Kahn

Sam Keller Jr. is an excellent trainer. He gives you every opportunity to achieve your goals, granted that you’re willing to work towards them. If you’re looking to fake your way through a workout and have somebody to give you a pat on the back, Sam isn’t your guy. However, if you have drive to improve and are looking for a trainer to maximize your potential and meet your work ethic with equal intensity, he will do the job in spades.

            When I started working with Sam, I was a pudgy, unathletic sophomore in high school who was, to be kind, unimpressive in the weight room. Fortunately, Sam did not judge me based on my then-current athletic abilities. Instead, he recognized that I had the desire to improve. He met this desire with the utmost enthusiasm, allowing me to reach my potential and, quite possibly, change my life in the process. By helping me work to be a better athlete, Sam also helped me understand the importance of a good work ethic, and the idea that the daily grind, while slow and at times difficult, will get where you want to go. While I am not a D1 athlete, I am no longer chubby and weak, I am genuinely healthy, and I sincerely feel I am improving every day, all thanks to Sam.

            On top of the ways that he has helped me physically grow into a better athlete and healthier person, Sam is a kind, caring leader who will sincerely invest in your growth and desire to improve. He’s a fun person to be around, and creates a genuinely enjoyable environment, in which you feel comfortable and relaxed, regardless of the workout you’re doing. In addition to being my personal trainer and coach, Sam is someone who I feel I can trust in any number of situations, as he has shown that he prioritizes my best interest over his own. Even when it’s not convenient, Sam has been there for me, and I have complete faith that this relationship will carry on past athletics. He is a selfless, caring individual who sincerely cares for his athletes every step of the way.

            Your current fitness level and athletic ability does not matter. If you have the drive and work ethic to succeed, Sam will give you the tools and encouragement to meet, if not exceed, your goals.

– Dayton S.