WDYNAGF is not just a style of exercise but serves as a lifestyle change. We strive to help each individual client transform their sedentary lifestyles into daily, active lifestyles. Additionally, we want to build the bridge between those whom are sedentary and those whom are physically fit by providing our client’s, no matter their fitness level, with the proper techniques to put their bodies in the correct positions. By mastering basic skills, each individual client will not only gain confidence, but also be able to apply their own knowledge to both fitness, as well as various aspects of their lives. Ultimately, we want to provide active people with a unique style of exercise that shocks their bodies a little bit.


  1. WhatDoYouNeedAGymFor Fitness is not just a style of exercise but it is a lifestyle change. We want to help people go from a sedentary life style to an exciting active lifestyle while building and repairing the bridge between people whom are sedentary and those whom are physically fit and active.
  2. We want to give people the proper techniques to correctly put their bodies in the best position. By mastering basic motor skills, each individual will gain confidence and be able to apply their newly found knowledge to not just fitness, but all aspects of their life.
  3. The ULTIMATE goal of WhatDoYouNeedAGymFor Fitness is to be an active and aggressive force in the fight against childhood obesity. We see this problem increasing with the decrease amount of physical activity our youth experience on the everyday basis. Because children are consistently engulfed in technology, they are many times unable to see and experience the joys of physical activity and most importantly, PLAYING!!!